Statistics and information about the program and how to join the program

Dear visitors to the site of Mansoura Manchester Programme for Medical Education Welcome to the program site,

- Some statistics and important informations about the program and how to join the program:

The program began in 2006 . The first batch (76 students) graduated in 2012. Six batches have been graduated from the program until December 2017. The number of graduates so far 763 students 82% of different nationalities and 18% Egyptians. The number of students in the program is now 1747 students, other nationalities represent 53.5% (of 14 different nationalities) and Egyptians represent 46.5%.

-The aim of the program is to:

Offer graduate capable of providing excellent medical service through:

a- Provide the medical graduates with integrated knowledge of basic and clinical sciences.
b- Provide the medical graduates with intellectual skills such as analysis and reflection, problem solving and clinical reasoning.
c- Provide the medical graduates with systematic approach for diagnosis, management and prevention of diseases.
d- Provid the medical graduates with basic clinical skills for professional practice with ethical and legal components.
e- Prepar medical graduates for lifelong learning.

- Teaching methods in the program depends on problem solving which is considered as one of the modern methods in studying medicine. The student has an important and effective role in the educational process and in searching for medical information. The program is based on teaching in small groups and uses modern methods of teaching and evaluation. Curriculum content is taken from the Manchester University in accordance with the contract between them and Mansoura University with some additions and modifications by the University of Mansoura to fit with the study of medicine in Egypt. Mansoura Manchester graduate cannot work in England except after passing the Plab UK Exam and fulfilling their requirements for work.

- The number of years of study is six and a half years for students enrolled in the program and in accordance with the current bylaws of the program.

- The number of years of study for new students in the next academic year 2018-2019 will be only 5 years according to the new regulations and bylaws approved by the Ministry of higher education with a credit hours system.

- Dear student how to join the program?
1 - Egyptian students join the program through the Office of the coordination of the Egyptian secondary school (TANSIK) and also the equivalent certificates.

2 – Students from other nationalities coming to join the program through the Department of expatriates, Ministry of Higher Education (WAFEDEEN), Egypt.