Is It Permissible To Transfer From The Conventional To Manchester Program?

Yes,Students wishing to move from the integrated modular based program to Manchester programme can transfer within 8 weeks of the start of semester 1. Students wishing to transfer after the first 8 weeks of the start of semester 1 will join level 1 in the next academic year after getting the necessary approvals of the programme board. Students wishing to transfer after spending a year or more in the conventional programme must start from semester 1.


Is It Permissible To Transfer From Mansoura Manchester Program To The Conventional Program?

Students wishing to move to the integrated modular based programme of Mansoura or any other medical school in Egypt at any year, have to balance what they had studied with what ordinary students had studied and complete any missing topics according to the University bylaws and after paying all the tuition fees and also after getting the approval of the faculty council.


What Are The Training And Learning Opportunities At Manchester University Available To Program Students?

  • There is a student exchange where a period of clinical training is available in the clinics of the University of Manchester.
  • The University of Manchester accept a number of graduates of the program to obtain a master's degree from the University of Manchester for tuition fees equal to the British students
Does Mansoura Manchester program adopted Quality Assurance and Accreditation?

Mansoura Manchester has awarded accrediation by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE) in 2017.


What are the Jobs of Residents and Demonstrators available for graduates of the program?

Egyptian graduates of the program will be assigned to a number of residents and demonstrators jobs at university hospitals according to a future plan announced and independent of the basic program proposed by the sub-committee and approved by the faculty and university councils.


What Is The  GRADUATION PROJECT For Students?

The tenth level includes a graduation project implemented by the student over seven weeks. The project consists of the following:

  • A clinical training period in any educational or university hospital inside or outside Egypt in one or two specialties. The student chooses the disciplines in which he wishes to be trained under the supervision of a faculty member.
  • The student must write down all the cases he saw during the training period in the clinical training book (LOG BOOK)
  • The optional training supervisor assesses the student's level throughout the training period and gives a grade to the final total in a report to be evaluated on the day of the research discussion
  • Preparation of a research on a specific topic within one of the disciplines under the supervision of one of the faculty members and discussed through the discussion committee.


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