Acceptance rule

  • Egyptian students must be accepted by Mansoura Faculty of Medicine or transferred to it by the National Office (for equivalent degrees) according to the national scoring and distribution of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education.
  • International students should apply through General Department of Education and Student Affairs and the Department of expatriates.

New Students Requirements

First: New Students

Applicants submit a file to the students affairs of the Faculty of Medicine including:

  1. Original birth certificate.
  2. Original high school certificate
  3. Copy of the nomination card
  4. Copy of National ID card
  5. Recruitment form for males
  6. Medical examination procedure
  7. Personal Photos
  8. Copy of the receipt of the college expenses
  9. Then submit a copy of this file contents to the affairs of students Mansoura Manchester Medical Education Program.

Second: Transferred Students

Mansoura Manchester accepted transferred students from one of the corresponding colleges. The admission required documents for transferred students are:

  1. Copy of the nomination card (for the college transferring it)
  2. Copy of birth certificate or passport if any
  3. Copy of National ID card
  4. Copy of high school certificate
  5. Personal Photos .
  6. Copy of the receipt of the expenses

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