Curriculum Rules


Admission Regulation

According to faculty system and regulation that are accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities, a student gets bachelor degree if he/she completes the credit hours required for graduation.

All courses that the student registers are calculated in standard units called credit hours that equal 1 hour (1 academic lecture) per week for a semester, and equal 2 hours (2 practical or tutorial sections) per week for a semester.

Academic Semesters And Language

Academic Year

  • The academic year consists of 2 academic semesters.
  • each semester is 14-16 weeks followed by the final examination.

Official Academic Language

  • English language is the academic study language in Mansoura Manchester program
Academic Standards

Mansoura Manchester has awarded accrediation by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE) in 2017.

Semester Ongoing and Final Assessments

Ongoing Assessments: 20% of the total mark will be awarded to the activity in the class, presentation at weekly student's presentations, a mid-semester MCQ exam and the SSC Essay/poster.


Final (Summative) Assessments:80% consists of 3 types of exam papers:

1: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

The examination will include multiple choice questions (MCQs) with a choice of a single best answer from 5 options, cross matching, and extended matching questions (EMQs).  Negative marking will not be used; a wrong answer will be awarded zero mark.

2: Short Essay Exam:

The questions are short and targeted. No open end questions will be used. A model answer for each question is included to standardize marking.

3. Objective Structured Practical and Clinical Examination (OSPE and OSCE):

The Objective Structured Practical and Clinical Examination (OSPE and OSCE) test your ability to demonstrate competence in some of the skills you have learnt.

NB: There are no oral exams throughout the programme.


Examination Results

Result will be declared as:







> 90%



85% - <90%

Very Good



80% - <85%



75% - <80%




70% - <75%



65% - <70%




60% - <65%







 Re-sits examinations:
  • If the student failed during the first semester of the academic year (January), he/she will be allowed to move to the next semester, and re-sit the exam in the summer (July).
  • If the student failed the second semester exam (June), he/she will have a re-sit exam in the summer (August).
  • A summer exam (July/August) is planned for students who failed any semester during the course.
  • If the student failed the summer exam, he/she will repeat that semester during the next year.
  • If the student failed that semester again during the next year, he/she will have a final chance in the summer.
  • If the student failed in the summer (4th attempt) his registration is cancelled.

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