Curriculum Rules


Admission Regulation

According to faculty system and regulation that are accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities, a student gets bachelor degree if he/she completes the credit hours required for graduation.

All courses that the student registers are calculated in standard units called credit hours that equal 1 hour (1 academic lecture) per week for a semester, and equal 2 hours (2 practical or tutorial sections) per week for a semester.

Academic Semesters And Language

Academic Year

  • The academic year consists of 2 academic semesters.
  • each semester is 14-16 weeks followed by the final examination.

Official Academic Language

  • English language is the academic study language in Mansoura Manchester program


Acceptance rule

  • Egyptian students must be accepted by Mansoura Faculty of Medicine or transferred to it by the National Office (for equivalent degrees) according to the national scoring and distribution of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education.
  • International students should apply through General Department of Education and Student Affairs and the Department of expatriates.


Discounts and Awards

  • The program awards 10% of the number of students admitted to the first  
    semester free of charge grants to top Egyptian students (high school). To keep their grants, students' must achieve excellent scores.
  • The program grants one scholarship (free of charge) to a student from each African country in line with the policy of Egypt in encouraging students coming from African countries.


Complaints & Suggestions

You can submit your comment, complaint or suggestion to the Mansoura Manchester Administration ... Participate