Board of Committee

  Dr eman elaskalany

Dr. Eman Elaskalany

Committee Director

dr hend

Dr. Eman Hamdy


dr salwa

Dr. Salwa Fathy Mohammed


dr hend

Dr. Nora Mohamed Saad


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Eng. Shereen Mokhtar


eng ola

Eng. Ola Elsadany


E-Learning Unit

The Mansoura Manchester Medical Program for  Medical Education (MMPME)  pays great attention to the field of e-learning because of its great and inevitable value in overcoming distance learning problems and keeping pace with the development of the learning process using information technology, which allowed converting courses into electronic courses that can be accessed at any time and place and facilitate interaction between faculty members and students, between students, as well as evaluating students and deepening scientific concepts.

Committee services

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The Moodle platform was activated in the 2018/2019 academic year, and interaction with it began with students and faculty members. The platform played a major role in facing the negative effects of the Corona pandemic. The use and reliance on the Moodle continued to raise educational content from recorded video lectures, educational files, assessment tests, and questionnaires to semesters before and after the Corona period (hybrid learning) by providing everything needed for the lecturer and the student.

microsoft team

MMPME uses the free Microsoft Teams program that facilitates direct face-to-face communication between the students and the program staff allowing easy and direct lectures which helps greatly in facing the negative effects of the Corona pandemic.


MMPME uses the Complete Anatomy Program 2020 which is a special application that presents the entire human body in a new way. The application features colorful and highly detailed graphics that allow users to see how the human body is made up and remove skin, bones, and other elements so they can see how they are related. It also allows you to clearly see every anatomical part of every organ.


MMPME uses the Physiology LT program, which is an online educational platform with ready-to-use content for life sciences, nursing, and medicine. It allows students to study the physiology topics in an amazing interactive way by providing all the teaching techniques needed to provide an exciting learning environment that encourages students to link theory and practice.

incesion academy

It is a platform affiliated with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank and is available to all Egyptian university students for free. It contains more than 500 courses in different surgical skills and the principles associated with and attached to them that medical students need. MMPME has used them to develop students' skills.

e portfolio

The electronic portfolio (E-portfolio) helps students think, review, and document their acquired skills, knowledge, and experience and then apply them. This electronic viewer is a type of learning log that provides actual evidence of achievement, leading to greater awareness of learning strategies and needs.