About The Program

The program was launched at the beginning of the academic year 2006-2007 according to the agreement signed with the University of Manchester and the approval of the Minister of Higher Education No. 2293 on 8/9/2006.

The program adopts the curriculum of the University of Manchester under the supervision and training of the British side while the teaching and evaluation by the Egyptian side.

Its Mission to prepare a competent graduate capable of delivering high quality health care services, equipped with lifelong learning and essential research skills in frame of commitment with medical ethics.

Program Director Message

Dear Mansoura Manchester Medical Program staff members and students,

Mansours Medical School is a prestigious class of education. It regularly ranks as one of the top faculties of medicine in Egypt, Middle East and Africa. Our Mansoura-Manchester Program for Medical Education was born in 2006. Since then, our program is recognized as a world-class medical bachelor degree specially because it adopts one of the leading medical educational curriculum in UK, that develops in Manchester University.......More 

Dr Ahmed

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