Program advantages

Advantages of Mansoura Manchester Program for Medical Education (MMPME)

  • The program relies primarily on self-directed learning and student-centered education, using:

    Problem Based Learning (PBL) method:
    In small working groups (10-15 students) and credit hours.

Themed Case Discussions (TCDs):
TCD is a flipped classroom model of teaching via weekly case discussions targeting the theme of the week. Many students are inductive rather than deductive reasoners, which mean they learn better from examples rather than the logical development starting with basic principles. This will be a great opportunity for the students to solve real life problems, test their problem-solving skills and to become engaged in discussions and assimilation of new ideas and information.

Clinical Debrief:
Clinical debrief is basically a bidirectional learning via learning conversations. It will be a good opportunity for the students to recognize, interpret and diagnose clinical problems.
The clinical tutor guides the student to review cases at the clinical setting. After completion of the weekly clinical sessions, a clinical debrief session will be conducted every week to discuss the cases prepared by the students throughout the prior clinical sessions.

  • The basic scientific methods used at the University of Manchester, England are used with some modifications to suit the regional and cultural nature of the students at Mansoura University.
  • The program is designed in the form of semesters and modules and distributed in a coordinated and integrated way vertically and horizontally between basic and clinical science courses.
  • The University of Manchester / England is involved in the supervision of the educational process.
  • The teaching and training is carried out by a distinguished group of faculty members and their assistants, with the use of modern methods such as e-learning.
  • Students begin clinical training in university hospitals and specialized medical centers from the first semester as an early clinical experience.
  • There are optional parts or student selected components as well as a graduation project includes clinical training in hospitals and specialized medical centers inside or outside Egypt for a period of 7 weeks.
  • Continuous communication with the University of Manchester to:
    - Get new and updated curriculum and teaching methods and send number of students annually.
    - Accept number of graduates of the program to obtain a master's degree from the University of Manchester for a tuition fee equivalent to the cost of British students.
  • The graduate of program holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree from Mansoura University - Mansoura Manchester Medical Education Program - Credit Hours System.
  • The Egyptian Academic Standards (NARS) are adopted for the graduate program specifications as a minimum for the program.

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