Program Graduate Attributes

  1. Work to maintain health and promote human wellbeing.

  2. Behave professionally and adhere to medical ethics.

  3. Provide quality and safe patient-centered care, focusing on primary health care and dealing with common health

    problems in his/her community.

  4. Value the importance of a good doctor/patient relationship, and work to establish and maintain it.

  5. Work effectively with other health care professionals respecting their roles and their contribution to the team.

  6. Recognize his/her as a part of health care system, respecting its hierarchy and rules and using his leadership

    skills to add value to the system.

  7. Contribute to the development and empowerment of his/her community.

  8. Work as a lifelong learner on his/her own continuous professional development, including being equipped to engage

    in postgraduate and research studies.



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