The Curriculum

The curriculum is designed as a spiral with vertical and horizontal integration thatin Phase 1 forms a biomedical, clinical and behavioural science base,

which is then revisited and expanded in Phases 2 from a clinical perspective.

Year 1: Semester 1: Life Cycle.

Year 1: Semester 2: Cardio Respiratory Fitness.

Year 2: Semester 3: Nutrition and Metabolism.

Year 2: Semester 4: Abilities and Disabilities.

Year 3 Semester 5:  Heart, Lungs and Blood.

Year 3 Semester 6: Nutrition, Metabolismand Excretion.

Year 4 Semester 7: Mind and Movement.

Year 4 Semester 8: Families and Children.

Year 5 Semester 9: Special Senses, Community and Research Methodology.

Year 5 Semester 10: Oncology, Emergency and Graduation Project.

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