Community Services Videos Evaluation day of Semester 8

Mansoura- Manchester Programme for Medical Education has celebrated the closing of Semester 8 students' community awareness activities and awarded the top winners for their outstanding efforts under the auspices of:
Prof. Ashraf Shoma, the Dean of the Mansoura Faculty of Medicine
Prof. Basma Shouman, the vice Dean of education and student affairs
Prof. Ghada Alkanishy, the vice Dean for community service and environmental development
Prof. Tamer Abo Elsaad, the vice dean for graduate studies and research
Prof. Ahmed Negm, the programme director
Prof. Rafik Barakat, the director of Phase II
Assistant professor. Mohamed Taman, semester 8 chief tutor
Dr. Ahmed Elmonier, OBGYN coordinator
Assistant professor. Mayada Elhosiny and Dr. Eman Atef, pediatrics coordinators

The venue was the auditorium of Prof. Abu El-Naga at May, 29th, 2024.

The activity included 371 students, 24 supervisors, and the outcome included 12 pediatric awareness activities and 12 OBGYN awareness activities ,

12 campaigns at Mansoura University children hospital and 12 Campaigns at new OBGYN center, over 2 weeks

5 online questionnaires were used to evaluate community awareness of general population and many awareness pages on social media platforms.


The community activities aim to empower average-risk and vulnerable groups at our communities to address their own health problems in the field of pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology.

Many communication tools were used including written material as brochures, social media platforms, video presentations, and medical campaigns.

Each of our award recipients has demonstrated exemplary work and commitment going beyond expectations in order to help the community.

The celebration recognised the
distinguished projects and students were invited to display their activities and videos.






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