• The program awards 10% of the number of students admitted to the first  
    semester free of charge grants to top Egyptian students (high school). To keep their grants, students' must achieve excellent scores.
  • The program grants one scholarship (free of charge) to a student from each African country in line with the policy of Egypt in encouraging students coming from African countries.

 Discount and Awards

  • The top 10 students are awarded 50% reduction of their fees in the subsequent year irrespective of their nationalities.
  • Student who has a brother or sister in the program shall be given a discount of 20% of the prescribed fees.
The Conditions  For The Continued Scholarship :

Students receiving scholarship will maintain their scholarship so long as they maintain the commitment to excellence. The students support department (SSD) is responsible for following up the students' academic level who receive scholarship to ensure their commitment to excellence.




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