Q1 When did the program start?

  • The program started in the academic year 2006/2007
  • Based on the approval of the Supreme Council of Universities in its sessions on 4/7/2006 and 6/9/2006
  • Ministerial Resolution No. 2293 dated 8/9/2006 regarding the addition of the Medicine and Surgery program at the Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, in cooperation with the University of Manchester, and the adoption of its bylaws.
  • The program was approved by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education on January 23, 2017.
  • The program was renwe approved by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education on 2022.


Q2 What are the advantages of Mansoura Manchester Program for Medical Education (MMPME)?

  • Relying on self-directed learning and student-centered education by using multiple methods, most notably problem-based learning in small work groups (10-15 students). Credit hour system, with the help of electronic means such as E-Learning.
  • The basics of the scientific method used at the University of Manchester in England are used, with some modifications made to suit the regional and cultural nature of students at Mansoura University. It was considered that the scientific method of the program is in line with the laws regulating Egyptian universities
  • Teaching in the program is in the form of semesters and modules, and they are distributed in a consistent and integrated manner vertically and horizontally between basic and clinical science courses.
  • The student begins clinical training in university hospitals and specialized medical centers, starting from the first semester of the program, as an early clinical experience.
  • The program contains optional parts [Student Selected Components (SSC)], as well as a graduation project that includes clinical training in hospitals and specialized medical centers at home and abroad for a period of 7 weeks.
  • Exams in Mansoura Manchester Medical Education Program are based on objective methods such as Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) and Multiple Practical Stations (OSCE/OSPE) and others.
  • A graduate of the MMPME obtains a bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from Mansoura University - Mansoura Manchester Program for Medical Education - Credit Hours System.
  • The Egyptian Academic Standards NARS for the specifications of the graduates of the program are adopted as a basic minimum for the program
  • The University of Manchester is contacted to:

o Obtain new and developed curricula and teaching methods, and to send several students annually

o Accept several program graduates to obtain master’s degree from the University of Manchester for tuition fees equal to the costs of British students.

Q3 What is the duration of the study?

Duration of study: five years (ten semesters) + two years clinical training

Q4 What is the number of Egyptians, expatriates, and different nationalities in MMPME?

  • More than 2,000 students from 27 different nationalities are studying in the program.
  • About 2000 doctors graduated from the program, and this year we celebrate the eleventh star for the batches of graduates.
  • The program attracts a high percentage of international students, and we make sure that the percentage of international students remains 50% and Egyptians 50%.

Q5 What is the admission and transfer system for the program?

Students are accepted into the program from among the following categories:

  1. 1. New students nominated for admission to the Faculty of Medicine - Mansoura University through the Coordination Office of the Ministry of Higher Education or transferred through the Office for Coordination of Admission to Universities and Institutes. Submitting transfer requests electronically is done through the Al-Waleed Student Transfer System through the link http://transfer.mans.edu.eg.
  2. It is permissible to accept the transfer of enrollment of new students from corresponding or non-equivalent faculties in the Egyptian government universities to join the program if places are available, provided that the minimum for admission to one of the Egyptian governmental medical colleges in the same academic year is met, and the student must join the first year of the program. Students enrolled in the program through this clause are prohibited from requesting transfer to the basic program at the Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University.
  3. International students are accepted in accordance with the rules set by the Ministry of Higher Education through the General Administration for Education and Student Affairs and the Expatriate Administration (Study in Egypt) https://admission.study-in-egypt.gov.eg/

Q6 What is the value of the tuition fees?

  • 90 thousand Egyptian pounds annually for Egyptian students.
  • 9000 dollars annually for international students.

Q7 What scholarships and rewards does the program offer?

  • The program awards ten scholarships to Egyptians who have obtained the Egyptian General Secondary School Certificate. The scholarship will continue to be completely free of charge if the student obtains an overall grade of "excellent".
  • A new student who has a brother or sister studying in the program is granted a 20% discount from the prescribed tuition fees when they coincide in study periods for Egyptian students, or the equivalent value in foreign currency for international students.
  • The top ten students in each academic level are granted a 50% discount on the tuition fees for the next level for Egyptian students, or the equivalent value in foreign currency for international students

Q8 What are the Jobs of Residents and Demonstrators available for graduates of the program?

  • The graduates of MMPME of Egyptian nationality are allocated several jobs for resident doctors and demonstrators at the college and university hospitals, according to a future plan announced and independent of the basic program proposed by the sub-committee and approved by the college and university councils.

Q9 What about registration for postgraduate studies?

  • Graduates of the MMPME are entitled to register for postgraduate studies in accordance with the rules regulating this.

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