Academic Advising and Student Support

 Definition of Academic Advising:

It is the work done by faculty members to familiarize students with the program and its academic and student activities, as well as help them to proceed with their studies in the best possible way, and to overcome obstacles they encounter, while making maximum use of the services and capabilities offered by the social environment in general, which the college provides. In particular.

It is an organized process that aims to help the student to understand his personality, know his abilities, and solve his problems in order to achieve psychological and social compatibility.

Academic Advising Objectives:

  1. Academic follow-up and guidance of students.
  2. Helping students to discover their abilities and tendencies, to define their goals and to develop their potentials.
  3. Preparing new students to learn about university life and its study system through meetings with the academic advisor for each group of students at the beginning of the academic year.
  4. Spreading awareness of the program's regulations, vision and message among students.
  5. Strengthening the relationship between students and faculty members and building social relationships for the student with his colleagues.
  6. Urging students to adhere to virtuous morals, civilized behavior, and to possess the qualities and etiquette of a student of knowledge.
  7. Studying the negative behavioral phenomena of some students and working to find appropriate solutions to them.
  8. Directing, guiding and following-up students who falter academically, and providing them with suggestions and advice to improve their educational attainment and help them overcome their problems.
  9. Taking care of outstanding students, guiding them and helping them to continue to excel.
  10. Paying attention to talented students and supporting their creativity.
  11. Helping students with special needs to achieve educational attainment, social and psychological adjustment, study their problems and work to solve them.

Academic advisor duties:

  1. Spreading awareness of the program's bylaw, vision and mission.
  2. Follow up on the student's achievement level and provide continuous guidance in order to raise the educational level, knowing the reasons for the student's delay in terms of study for the defaulting students.
  3. Providing psychological assistance to the student.
  4. Discovering distinguished students in different disciplines, developing the student's abilities to achieve what the labor market requires.
  5. Directing the student to someone who can respond to his inquiries.
  6. The academic advisor is the link between the students and the administration of the program to solve the problems that the student may face.
  7. When a problem occurs between the student and a member of the teaching staff or the supporting body, the academic advisor intervenes to try to solve this problem or submit it to the authority entrusted with the solution.
  8. Assisting students in choosing elective courses and building an idea of ​​the appropriate specialization for them in the future.
  9. Directing students with sick conditions to the Student Hospital to receive medical care there.
  10. Discovering struggling students and people with special needs, discussing with them and guiding them in order to find the most appropriate means of support for them.

Cases that require the intervention of an academic advisor:

1- A sudden drop in the student’s academic performance without justifiable reasons.

2- An unjustified request for postponement or withdrawal from the college.

3- Complaints by faculty members or students about persistent negative behaviors shown by the student.

 4- Poor ability of the student to express or describe his problems clearly.

5- Prominent manifestations of deep states of confusion, frustration, apathy or despair.

6- Frequent absenteeism from various teaching activities.

7- The student fails to perform the assigned tasks.

The program academic advisor is Prof. Rafeek Barakat - Mobile: 01110999389

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